$50 million prized World Boxing Super Series will honor Muhammad Ali

World Boxing Super Series
The world of boxing will see a new international tournament; the World Boxing Super Series will be a contest that will pit 16 best boxers in the world in straight elimination fights to reach the grand finale and to bag 50 million dollars and receive the greatest prize in boxing, the Muhammad Ali Trophy.

The event organized by the newly formed promoter: Comosa AG, consists of biggest hotshots in the sport and is in alignment with the four major World Boxing Federations.

The first edition will kick off coming September and will feature two weight categories of fighters. Each will fight eight boxers in 14 fight nights at top venues around the world.

The 16 fighters are yet to be announced in a Draft Gala event in June 2017, and its reported that only those who are ranked among the top 15 of the different wrestling organizations in the world: WBA, WBC, IBF and WBO will be called in.

More detail on the event:

The top four fighters will be directly assigned in the first knockout round and during the Draft ceremony. And Interestingly, they will be given a choice to choose their opponents from the remaining four. Each weight class will have seven matches: four quarterfinals, two semifinals, and the grand finale. In total there will be 14 battles in the first season of the World Boxing Super Series.

One of the key members of the event, Jørgen Madsen Lindemann, MTG President said that this competition is what boxing has been missing. A made for television year-round-spectacle that will enthrall fans all over the world. All other major sports have their annual championships, and it is time for boxing to have the same as well. Our partners in this venture will make sure that we attract the best fighters at the best venues with the biggest audiences and all fighting for a prize named after the greatest of them all- Muhammad Ali.

.Here’s my favorite quote from the man who taught everyone that you have to be cocky against the ever oppressive world and at the same time you can be humble towards the needy-“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.”

Just look at him, go. Truly the greatest ever!


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