Alain Prost unveils Renault’s 2027 Formula 1 car at shanghai motor show


Alain Prost, four-time Formula 1 World Champion reveals Renault’s R.S. 2027 vision concept car at shanghai motor show.

At the Shanghai Show, Renault released pictures and details about its enthralling stylistic opinion on the shape of Formula 1 car to come, backed by forty years’ winning experience in the sport.

The space-age R.S. 2027 Vision concept car move past ten years into the future to give a hint of Renault’s vision of what the sport might look like.


After the awestriking revelation of the TREZOR electric concept car (above) at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, Renault’s designers put their imaginations into the future of Formula 1 and had designed the car to be more human, more conscious, and of course, more exciting.

The Look:

R.S. 2027 Vision will have a 3D-printed transparent cockpit, letting the spectators actually see the driver behind the wheels in action. In addition, there the transparent helmet.

The design features some sick lighting systems:

    • C-shaped LED headlamps and the lit diamond logo on the bonnet connects brand identity between the racer and Renault.
    • LED lighting in the wheels has more to offer. They will display data such as the driver’s position in the race and the vehicle’s energy charts, providing the audience with live and direct information on the ongoing race.

      Driver Safety:

      The French Automobile manufacturer Groupe Renault’s priority on safety will be extended to Formula 1. Design decisions were made for the shape of racing in 2027, to contribute to safer racing conditions, launching with the drivers. The closed cockpit make sure that the driver won’t be at the risk of impact from flying scraps. Also, the aerodynamic bubble in the ultra-strong, impact and flame resistant- polycarbonate ensures a safe survival capsule for the driver, strapped with the seat, in the event of vehicle spin.

      Power level over 10000!

      R.S. 2027 Vision would be a milestone in power generation by a car. With 1 megawatt (= power consumed by 1,000 homes) and weight down to 800 kilos, the car brags a power/weight ratio unparalleled in Formula 1.


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