Average MLB team worth $1.54 Billion, Yankees worth $3.7 Billion

Yankees worth $3.7 Billion

As of 2017, the average Major League Baseball team is worth $1.54 billion and New York Yankees worth $3.7 Billion, the most valued team for the 20th straight season according to Forbes.

For years, various surveys have proclaimed that the future of baseball is most uncertain of the major U.S. sports and that the game has seen a decline in popularity. But the yearly sports market reports or SportsMoney Index 2017 by Forbes tells a different story.

Taking the average of 30 MLB teams, each team now worth $1.54 billion, which is an increase of 19% from a year ago. Reports suggest the spike is due to rocketing-new local television deals, brimming profitability, and the jacked up value of Major League Baseball Advanced Media, the omnipresent Internet, and technological arm of MLB.(Yeah, I get it what this means. Remember ASU sorority girls?)

MLB and Technology at its best!


The Yankees are valued at $3.7 billion, up by 9% from last year. No other team has been No. 1 on this list since Forbes started it 20 years back. Further, Yankees now have become the second-most valuable sports team in the world behind only American Football team the Dallas Cowboys.

Coming back to Baseball, Los Angles Dodgers having the highest payroll in MLB are next, at an estimated $2.75 billion, a 10 percent rise.

Boston Red Sox come third, at $2.7 billion (i wonder how much does their socks cost?), followed by the Chicago Cubs ($2.675 billion, 22% rise), San Francisco ($2.65 billion) and New York Mets ($2 billion, 21% rise).

Interestingly, Philadelphia Phillies ranked 9th with a value of $1.65 billion ( up 34 %) on the list, has majors’ highest operating income of  $87.7 million

Even, what looks like sinking ships, four of seven franchises not worth $1 billion or more: Cleveland Indians ($920 million), Cincinnati Reds ($915 million), Oakland Athletics ($880 million), and MLB’s least valued team Tampa bay Rays ($825 million) have only shown rise in revenues, which implies popularity of the sport is increasing.

So fellas Baseball ain’t going anywhere, rather I say it will be played on Mars with Marvin the Martian as a franchise an owner (*maybe a fictional statement).





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