Lindsey Vonn becomes the first American to win a medal at five World Championships

Lindsey Vonn

Ski racer Lindsey Vonn clinched the bronze at the 2017 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships in St. Moritz, Switzerland Sunday. Consequently, she has become the first American to pull off a podium finish at Five World Championships.

Vonn conquered the downhill in 1:33.30, which was half a Sec. less than the race winner Slovenia’s Ilka Stuhec. Austria’s Stephanie Venier took the silver with just 0.5 Sec. ahead of the American. Moreover, the bronze is Vonn’s seventh world medal and fourth in the downhill competition.

Further, the 32-year-old Vonn also became the oldest woman to bag a world championships medal.

Yeah..she is really old!

First, Roger Federer at 35, now Vonn at 32, is it the year comebacks?

Vonn entered St. Moritz with an ill-functioning right hand which happened due to nerve damage from the broken arm accident last November. As a result, it was laborious for Vonn to take command of her ski poles. Tuesday’s super-G competition took a toll on Vonn’s condition when she lost her grip and skied off course and ended her race. However, Vonn fixed the problem with a truly American solution i.e. duct tape. With the poles duct taped to her hands, there were no curveballs in-between Vonn’s skiing skills.

Before the Sunday salvation, Vonn finished fifth in Friday’s combined competition. Evidently, Vonn’s journey to the 3rd finish was made an inch simpler when downhill champion Lara Gut (Switzerland) endured a knee injury forcing her to step down of the tournament.

It is the 14th podium finish on the slopes of St. Moritz for the three-time Olympian, Vonn who has proved to be the greatest in women’s Alpine history. she made her comeback just three weeks ago, going through a knee injury last March, then the broken arm during a practice run last November.








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