Los Angeles Lakers pulls a close win against Denver Nuggets 120-116

Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers finally ended their seven-game home losing streak against Nuggets at the Staples Center with a 120-116 victory.

As things went little wild in the fourth quarter, Nick Young and Low Williams cemented Lakers win by hooping in 23 and 13 points respectively.

20-year-old D’Angelo Russell, who missed out last three games due to mild leg injury posted 22 points, a career-best 10-assist and seven rebounds and let’s not forget his infectious, energetic presence.

Rookie Ivica Zubac pulled off a career-high 17 points for the Lakers in his 21 minutes play. Moreover, he came handy in the final moments of the game producing potent offense by performing screen rolls with Russell. Zubac posted eight points in the final quarter.

Clearly, the fourth quarter chaos would have disappeared if Lakers power forward Julius Randle was present, who is down with pneumonia.

Lakers seems to have young star players in making

The Denver Nuggets steamrolled in the fourth quarter by scoring 15 to 0 against the Lakers until Russell’s entry.

Wilson Chandler’s game-high 26 points, which include 12 in the fourth do add to the great fight.  Gary Harris and Jamal Murray combined for 31 points. Harris’ scoring in the fourth quarter kept the Nuggets in striking distance, but it wasn’t enough with Russell churning on offense.

Gary Harris’ last minutes’ baskets did force the Lakers on their toes. Harris added 17 points for the Nuggets in the game.

Power forward Kenneth Faried made 14 points along with 17 rebounds but performed poorly after the second half.

The Nuggets’ entered the game without star player Nikola Jokic (center).

Take look at the wild Final quarter:






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