Rohit Dalal
Rohit is the founder of The Quantized, from investment to managing the team of contributors he motors it all. With hands-on experience in data analytics, he also helps in search engine optimization of the website. Email:
John garfield
Chief Editor
John Garfield is the Chief editor of 'TheQuantized'. He is a Newspaper Journalism pass out with a background in web technologies; he administrates the development of the website. He is an avid fan of Hunter S.Thompson. Email:
Vincent Curtis
Editor and Writer
Curtis is The Quantized's chief writer. He is responsible for the Content quality check of the website. His dream is to write a Novel comprising of the importance of sports human life. His favorite NFL team is Dallas Cowboys. Email:
Eva Tucker
Well versed in winter sports and tennis, Eva is a wannabe sports psychologist who grew up reading Anne Frank. She calls herself a Humble feminist and becomes a painter by night. Email: