Poker: Cash Game Festival 2017 Tallinn | Can be watched on Twitch

Cash Game Festival

The Cash Game Festival is an event organized by people who want a mix of poker and traveling. The 2017 5-day live event kicks off April 26.

The Festival offers 24/7 cash games throughout 5-day live events from April 26th-30th. This time the third stop of the event will be hosted by Olympic Park Casino Tallinn, Estonia.

Correspondingly, the festival features live online broadcasts straight from TV tables that are set up in host casinos. These live streams are run by their own professional production team and can be watched on Twitch Channel.

Further, the festivals are spiced up with fine dining, unending partying and several other activities that draw on local sights and culture.

The Cash Game Festival incepted in 2014 in a small but breathtakingly beautiful country of Estonia that is bordered by the Baltic Sea and the Gulf on Finland. After two years of successful local events, the organization packed their bags and went on their first successful international tour in 2016. The tour began at Aspers Casino in London, followed by a Casino Malta in Malta. The third stoppage was at Platinum Casino in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria. By the end of September 2016, the event returned to London for the second time before finishing the year off back home in Tallinn at the Olympic Park Casino.

Key players:

Cash Game Festival regular Niklas Blomqvist is back here gain. He proved during the past event that he has no problem with the camera. He will be playing on the late feature table.

Roland Luik will be playing for the first time. And many well-known players from Finland are expected to play in the Cash Game Festival Tallinn.

After the success of CGF 2017 second live event in Nova Gorica, Slovenia lets dive in for some more all-ins and empty hands.

Good food, international players, wild parties- The perfect Poker get away is on the roll!




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