Women’s world Chess champion Hou Yifan resigns in 5 moves to protest Gibraltar Chess Festival pairings

Hou Yifan

Women’s world Chess champion Hou Yifan showed her upset against the Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival pairings by throwing away her final round game just in five moves.

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On 27 Jan. 253 chess players from around the planet entered the fourteenth edition of the Tradewise Gibraltar International Chess Tournament which saw American No.1 Hikaru Nakamura doing the honors by making the first move.

The tournament being an open event included games being played between both sexes.

The ten round event pitched the female world No.1 Hou Yifan play against seven women. Consequently, Yifan was upset about this throughout the tournament. As a result, to make a point, the 22-year-old Chinese Hou Yifan resigned against Indian Lalith Babu in the tenth and last round of the tournament just after five moves.

Hou Yifan resignation

After the dramatic resignation, Yifan apologized to all the chess fans for her action. She said that the unbelievable and weird pairings of the event made her unhappy.

Further, Yifan ranked 105 in the overall category, said that her act spoke for other women players participated in the tournament as well.

U.S 2016 women’s chess champion Nazi Paikidze-Barnes showed her support for her idol Yifan via twitter:

Here is the complete interview:


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